translated from Spanish: He began the pilgrimage to Lujan

thousands of faithful will March on foot from the parish of San Cayetano, in the neighborhood of Liniers, until the historical Basilica of Luján. One of the signs of faith is more conveners of the country which will culminate on Sunday morning with a massive mass conducted by the Cardinal Primate of Argentina, Mario Aurelio Poli.

The 44° youth pilgrimage to Lujan will this year as slogan “Mother, give us strength to unite as brothers”. Unlike the previous editions that the weather was a problem, forecast a spring day with cloudless sky.

The organizers expect about a million of pilgrims walking to pay homage to the Argentine Patron Saint, the Virgin of Luján.

How and where it begins the traditional pilgrimage?

Starts on Saturday at 12 from the doors of the parish San Cayetano in Liniers, in the Cuzco Street to 150. From that point, the header image will advance along with the pilgrims and they will tour 58 kilometers up to the Basilica.

At midnight (0 hours of Sunday), the pilgrims turn on a candle or they can turn on their cell phones: “the goal is to share that light, pass it from hand to hand and which shine in walking under the cloak of our Virgin of Luján, the Gaucho Virgin and Patron Saint of Argentines,”  It said a statement.

More than 350 volunteers from the Red Cross Argentina, among relief workers, doctors and nurses, will attend the walkers. 

Aysa will have a special assistance, with 13 trucks operating tankers and 4 hydration posts located at strategic points for drinking water supply during.

Highways of the West, concessionaire of the main via fast between Buenos Aires and Luján, reminded pilgrims that the movement on foot is prohibited by the motorway and its inputs and outputs. From the “LaPereLujan” application, you can access detailed information about travel, schedule transportation, to know where they are and how much they need to get, where to find health jobs, support and hydration, and find recommendations for care during the pilgrimage. 

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