translated from Spanish: Night of kisses: thus ended his performance Jimena Barón and Emerald Mitre in a sauce 3

Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza opened the track on Thursday along with his special guest night to dance the salsa of a three, Virginia Gallard o showed all his skills to the rhythm of “happy four ‘, one of the many hits by Maluma. They deployed a sensuality and positive energy during all the choreography, and the end… unexpected! Jimena and Virgina kissed which meant the frutillita of dessert.

Several compliments of the jury were and were among the best in the round with 26 points photo: Instagram @lafliaokPero was not the only kiss of the gala, Esmeralda Mitre also ended his choreography with a fulsome chape with falls, which left the ar teesta paralyzed and without wanting to delve into the topic for fear of jealousy of his partner. Tremendous!

The trio took 18 points his choreographed photo: Instagram the choreographies @lafliaokReviví kiss a sauce tr is dancing 2018 beso Jimena Barón and Virginia Gallardo

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