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take the first places of the national reading contest Morelia, Michoacán. -Students of the centers of industrial technological studies and services (CETIS) in Michoacan who participated in the 15th contest read science for all, 2017-2018, were winners of the first, second and third place nationally. For his part, the Secretary of education in the State, Alberto Frutis Solís, congratulated and recognized the effort of michoacanos young, who was considered an example, “I am very happy and I want to encourage outstanding young people”.
This Monday, from CETIS 120 of Morelia, the State educational authorities facilities recognized and congratulated Erasto Daniel García Gómez, by having obtained the 1st place national; Fatima Daniela Higareda heads and Angel Jesus Martinez Guzman, creditors to the 2nd. Place (tied); and Merari loyal Mejia, reached 3rd place in the national contest, which involved more than 30 thousand young people from all over the country, highlighting Michoacan by the places obtained.
In an emotional Act to recognize four young people and on behalf of the Governor of the State, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, the Secretary of education delivered computers to each of the winners, as well as the tutors who prepared them and encouraged to participate, “is a” This small for such a great slaughter”. It is that he recognized the time and responsibility that young people devoted to reading and writing to harvest these successes. Also, Alberto Frutis explained that an incentive to continue working for education in Michoacán are young people like them, dedicated and highlighted in the study.
Therefore, invited to their peers, teachers and those who attended the event, to commit to reading as students did. “To be a prosperous State, we must cultivate the habit of reading”, because to do so will surely the professional future of young people be more promising, exposed.
At the same time, Federal delegate of the Secretariat of public education, Silvia Mendoza Valenzuela, expressed his joy at the achievement of young people, “we are very pleased because the education of Michoacán is very high”. In turn, CETIS 120, Miguel Angel Cervantes Coronado, director held the awards.
The four winning students of the competition agreed that this experience was unique, in addition-related careers who wish to study books that were selected to participate. In this sense, Erasto Daniel García, said that he read the title Cancer, heritage and environment, because “it caught my attention. “I have genetic load from my family and wanted to know the causes for I also take care of myself”, stressed.
This contest is organized by the National Council of science and technology (Conacyt) and the economic culture Fund, to promote the reading and writing of scientific texts. 7 thousand young people between 12 and 25 years of age participated in Michoacan, and it was through the academies of reading, oral and written e, research the CETIS and CBTIS, which took the competition with greater responsibility, since they promoted the participation of the students.
It is important to specify that participants choose a reading of 250 titles in the collection, “Science for all” and write a text from this. The books are available in the national network of public libraries of the country, as well as libraries and digital platforms.

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