translated from Spanish: A cameraman ended up wounded with hail while covering the strong storm

after a strong storm with rain and hail passed through Buenos Aires and the greater Buenos Aires during the Monday night, Tuesday began with a significant improvement. But storm, meteorologist of TN, José Bianco, went along with a cameraman to the town of Roque Pérez where the storm passed. However, when it began to fall the hail, the situation was complicated.
Bianco was live and warned that they were starting to drop stones. It crossed the path to display the size in camera and then forced the cameraman to enter the car: “go in before that you paste you some! “Matias haceme case!” Later, the meteorologist shared a photo of his wounded comrade and wrote: “10 times I told him ‘ go stones are Giants ‘.” But no, you misunderstood. It has been learned. Mati, the more burned of the cameramen. With that I made my first hunt”. 

Rebella Matias wounded by granizo│Foto: Instagram @JoseBiancoOk in the same publication thanked her doctors at the Hospital of wolves and added that he was given by his traveling companion four-point wound causing you hail.

temporary hail storm

Original source in Spanish

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