translated from Spanish: The campaign to Gaston De Césare lung against breast cancer following the death of his wife

in October 2017, in the fight against breast cancer, María Fernanda Cabrera put his face to start a campaign, which was left as a legacy for her husband , Gaston De Césare, after his death during that time.

She lived with cancer for 8 years, struggling and giving battle this disease with body and soul. Diagnosed with breast cancer when I was breastfeeding her son in 2009, and from the minute one knew that it was going to walk it with positive attitude.
He managed to skip the first stage, but three years later the tumor returned to surprise her. Luckily, he was able to be treated with good specialists and, above all, had family containment and friends to follow along.

Fernanda and Gaston travel was his best medicine; He had the happiest moments traveling with his family. In 2017, after routine studies, learned that the cancer was still moving. She returned to OK, took out more forces, forces and again gave battle.
Gaston organizes km of racing and bicicleteadas refugee completely on faith, and far from giving up, going through weeks of physical pain, and even international, she got aim help and awareness from its place.

He headed and was the face of the campaign for the fight against Breast Cancer in his hometown, Suipacha, province of Buenos Aires in October 2017. He fought until the last day; I knew that it was shutting down, but never had fear of death. The word of the specialist in Oncology, Alejandro Turek (M.N. 65.164) «us not look at how many new drugs there, or because time maintaining disease disseminated in multiple organs in stable situation, or how long survival offer.» We focused attention on public education».
«Five minutes of daily public information can save lives. We need education in health, information, broadcasting, law, commitment, culture awareness and medical care».
«It is imperative to arrive earlier, much earlier. That means reaching the cure without sequelae, without losing the personal, family and working project of the patient».
«Advances in methodology and diagnostic technology are immense, modern mammography is essential for the detection and its timing.» 
«The knowledge and developments of potentially curative therapies, the documentation of the basic research that seeks new therapies and the clinic that applies them to the approval is undeniable. We have radiant, pharmacological, and surgical techniques that offer high rates of cure and control prolonged never before reached. «But we are far from satisfied with that because we lose 6000 women each year from breast cancer.»
«In the last report by the IARC – who shows an increase in the incidence of cancer, in many cases preventable or diagnosable stage early when it is most easy to cure.» «We are missing primary and secondary prevention programs more intensive with universal rear access to the best quality of health care».

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