translated from Spanish: Chinicuila, in coordination with regional delegate of AMLO

home Michoacan Chinicuila, in coordination with regional delegate of AMLO Chinicuila, Michoacan.-through an official statement, it was reported that the President of extraction PRD, Antonio Medina García, held a job interview with the regional delegate of the new Federal Government which will be in office from the first of December, Armando Flores Anguiano. At that meeting they agreed to the coordinated work between the municipality and the future federal administration to achieve direct benefits to the inhabitants of this municipality. 

Experience of more than 6 years within the public administration, Medina García offered flowers Anguiano for him and the servers of the nation support in the performance of their work to the interior of municipality, which Antonio Medina said: «in Chinicuila will be well» «received and we will help them in what is required for programs, projects, and support of the next federal government benefit to those in need». 

According to the text, the President of Chinicuila, made clear that will give all their support and coordination to bring the programs, projects and support of the Government of the State. He added that it has held several meetings with Silvano Aureoles rabbit with the objective of promoting the social and tourist municipality of Chinicuila.

During the course of work by the municipal seat, the former President, Catarino Ramos, President Antonio Medina and the regional delegate, Armando Flores exchanged views on the needs and opportunities of Chinicuila.

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