translated from Spanish: Government and opposition continue with gallito by the controversial safe classroom project

the controversial project «Safe room» the Government had a hectic day the Committee on education of the Senate, where it began its proceedings after the setback suffered in the Commission Constitution where it was cautioned that the text does not respect the «due process».
In the Government there was rush to put the issue on the table, since the qualification of utmost urgency expired today. But Yasna Provoste, as President of the Commission, led the discussion times and slowed the momentum of the Minister of education, Marcela Cubillos, leaving in evidence the gallito between the opposition and the Executive in this matter.
Thus, the parliamentary reminded Cubillos instance are «willing to discuss», when the issue be analyzed in depth, especially considering the negative report of the Committee on Constitution. «Minister, would you not want that there is dialogue in the Committee?», he called upon Cubillos, in one of the many face to face between both.
The Government is his in the argument of the obstructionism of the opposition. «The opposition has refused the idea of legislation to be voted. After voting the idea, the initiative is perfected», was the argument of Senator UDI Ena Von Baer. «There is no mood of blocking, but the Government has to understand that fast legislating not always is to legislate well,» answered the PPD Felipe Harboe.
In the middle of the debate, the heads of the committees of senators from the former new majority signed a declaration that rejected the «multiple» obstructionism accusations hurled from the Executive. «We firmly believe that this Bill is unconstitutional, because it does not address a due process of the rule of law», in addition that «puts its emphasis on marginalization of the student, rather than address the problems of coexistence or violence school in all its complexity,»said the statement by Senators Francisco Huenchumilla (DC), Adriana Muñoz (PPD) and Rabindranath Quinteros (PS).
Non-urgent Minister Cubillos, meanwhile, emphasized that it is a law of a single article, and therefore simple processing. But finally, after a series of bickering, the Government agreed to withdraw the urgency and the Education Commission convened an extraordinary session at 5 p.m., to begin the analysis of the project. The urgency will be replaced on Tuesday.
In the debate, the arguments of the Ministry of education in favor of their project star found a clear rejection on the part of the opposition senators. Jaime Quintana PPD said that the text reveals the differences between one «look short-sighted and punitive» and others who opt for one more substantive debate. Provoste, for its part, was emphatic that «is not possible to speak of separate strings» when it addresses the issue of school violence as a whole.
Cubillos was declared ready to address the issue in its entirety, but was emphatic that is not part of this project. The discussion in the Senate Education Committee will be taken up on Tuesday, but in an attempt to win the battle of public opinion Minister scheduled for tomorrow Thursday a meeting with 25 proxy emblematic secondary schools to listen to their «concerns and» explain the scope of the project».
The arguments of Ena supporting Cubillos was the Senator of the UDI, Ena Von Baer, who squared to closed eyes with the project, despite the criticisms that arouses in the opposition and experts from the world of education and the right.
Interviewed in 24 hours, and consulted by the «rude errors in terms of precautionary due process» that has the project, in the sense that not given time students defend themselves, the Senator noted that «the first thing that I think that we need to do is empower AR inspectors and directors. «The words presented by the Executive which makes is within a period short students present their views to the director, but it does not seem right that the director can make the decision that students leave school and after 5 days the student returns».
«The question is another Senator, is how will caution that there are no mistakes in this matter», insisted the journalist, in relation to due process. «It is that the point here is another, it is that the process is now long, and the point is if the student returns to class while lasts the process,» said Von Baer.

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