translated from Spanish: River feminist vs River Plate: controversy over the presentation of Mariano Iúdica

River had a new night for history with a new solidarity dinner event, which has managed to raise more than 23 billion pesos with the auction of items historical Millionaire last year. However, not everything was as they had hoped. Hours from the close of the meeting, the grouping «River feminist» raised a complaint to the Club Atlético River Plate by the election of Mariano Iúdica, renowned fan of millionaire, as the presenter of the night.
«From our space we encourage values of equality and equity and seek to promote the participation of women recognized and fans as conductors of this type of event,» highlights from the account of Twitter, criticizing the presenter as «recognized by their» comments and sexist attitudes and misogynistic in the media. The controversy at the Bar driver has had various unfortunate phrases about women, which stated that the «ugly» girls are that «they invented that it must not tell compliments» and then starred in a controversial moment with his partner Pia Shaw in the air that it was then clarified by herself in their networks, although it not dodged the criticism.

River river feminist mariano iudica

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