translated from Spanish: Congress of Michoacan turna commissions the initiative to the anti-corruption law reform

home highlighted, Michoacán Michoacán Congress turna commissions the initiative to reform the law anticorruption Morelia, Michoacan.- The Congress of the State of Michoacán referred to committees of the Interior and justice, the initiative with a draft decree reforming and adding around 20 articles of the law of the anti-corruption system, presented by Mrs Miriam Tinoco Soto, with the priority of creating a public prosecutor in the matter.
In the Michoacan Congress Hall Gallery, the Deputy of the PRD justified his initiative saying that corruption affects all areas of a country that directly assaulted by the rule of law.
He also said that corruption is the second problem that most worries the Mexicans, according to the national survey of quality and impact governmental in 2017.
Mexico is the second most corrupt country in Latin America, second only to Venezuela.
Therefore the PRD legislator drove the initiative so that there is better surveillance to the flow of economic resources, review of laws to mode, exercise control and transparency of public resources by the anti-corruption system in Michoacán .

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