translated from Spanish: In the face of the plebiscite feminist women call for «direct popular participation in the Constitutional Convention, massive and diverse»

«To skip all tourniquets: We approve constitutional convention», is the title of the public statement of the Feminist Coordinator March 8, who communicated that they approve the Constitutional Convention in the plebiscite of October 25.
This resolution arose after the decision was passed at its last multinational assembly, where feminists argued that today they have «the challenge of continuing to say all that we mean in the unpublished context of a plebiscite that will abolish Pinochet’s constitution.»
The Coordinator stated that they know «that the constitutional process is just a moment, albeit an important moment, in a much broader and more open dispute scenario.»
In that sense they point out that «our lives do not fit in their agreement and that is why we break in where they do not want us; because we are everywhere, because we are going to continue to say NO+ to this precarious life, to the patriarchal violence that goes through everything, to the debts that besurage us, to the impunity that today the hundreds of victims of eye trauma face, to the racist and colonial policies of the state, to the abuses of 30, 47, 500 years imposed by a minority.»
That is why they approve «plural and first person, because this task is not individual and because in the plebiscite we will demonstrate as in the Feminist General Strike that together we are historical»
From the coordinator they also explained that they approve «a Constitutional Convention without a minority veto, without restriction on the participation of trade union and neighborhood leaders, with seats reserved and parity for the original peoples and without moorings, in which we can discuss everything on the basis of the Free Trade Agreements and the TPP-11. We approve of direct popular participation in the constitutional convention, multitudeinary and diverse, such as the revolt itself.»
«We approved seeking to transform the Constitutional Convention into a Constituent, Feminist, Plurinational, Free and Sovereign Assembly,» women argued, adding that they call for «not to shut up, not to look down, or to lose confidence in our own strength. We call to take care of each other and jump all the tourniquets together, juntes, without fear and without asking permission.»

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