translated from Spanish: “Due to increase in fuel”, federal deputies doubled financial support for gasoline

photography / Internet Mexico.-members of inbound Federal supported doubling the financial support they receive on a monthly basis to avoid the impact by the “gasolinazos”. Resources weekly deposited in their accounts and does not need to check that they spent on gasoline. It should be noted that they do not pay toll for the motorways.
According to reform, by Queretaro 8 legislators receive 24 thousand 500 pesos a month, instead of the 12 thousand 270 pesos they previously perceived. Meanwhile, the 47 federal deputies by city of Mexico will have 7 thousand dollars, instead of the 3 thousand 540 receiving a month.
Twenty-three lawmakers from Puebla can enjoy 22 thousand 260 pesos: six of Tlaxcala with 19 thousand 700 pesos; State of Mexico 65 will have 17 thousand 680 pesos; 10 of Hidalgo will have 15 thousand 600 pesos and 9 Morelos legislators will receive each month 15 thousand 600 pesos.
“Taking into account the increase in the prices of fuels and lubricants, is necessary updating of monthly allocation for road transport”, cites the agreement of the Management Committee, on September 25, which was approved by unanimity of all the banks represented at San Lazaro.
Support for gasoline is given to members who live within a radius of 300 kilometers away from the Legislative Palace. Those who exceed that distance are supported for air transport, for which the Management Committee ratified the amounts of aid for a maximum of:-70 thousand pesos a month for those living in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.
-66 thousand pesos for those who live near Ixtepec, Oaxaca.
-61 thousand for the Colima.
-50 thousand 800 pesos for members of Nuevo León.
-44 thousand pesos for those who come to the terminal of Guadalajara and 48 thousand pesos for the of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.
In total, 51 rates which ratified the air transportation of members, are the lesser of 45 thousand 200 pesos for those who live near the airport of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. This amount is calculated based on rates “Yankee”, i.e., the highest costs airlines, to ensure availability when required by the legislator.
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