translated from Spanish: 2 suspects involved in the killing of the former director of fairs in Apatzingan were arrested

Apatzingan, Michoacan.-two involved in the killing of Martín Cisneros, former director of fairs and exhibitions of the city of Apatzingan, were arrested by the Ministerial Police Thursday.
According to data provided by police sources, the capture was achieved thanks to the exploitation of intelligence information by the staff of the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE).
It should be recalled that Cisneros was Apatzingan city official during the administration of Cesar Chavez.
The arrest was confirmed this very day by the PGJE, via its official Twitter account (MichoacanPGJ), where concerned: “research allowed the arrest of two people that there are evidence of his possible involvement in killing of the” former municipal official of Apatzingan, Martín C., occurred on October 28.
“After serving the writ, defendants were interned in local Social reintegration centre and will be presented to the Court that he resolved his legal situation.” We ratify our commitment to ensure the application of the law so that any fact that violates the security of the Michoacan go unpunished”.
Details of research Aunado to the above, in a press release issued this Thursday the dependence explained about the case: “research carried out by personnel of the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE), which is” you fill the writ directed against Omar Alexis M., and Diego de Jesús a., who according to test data that make up the research folder, the day of the incident, assaulted the victim C. Martín, who lost his life.
“During the course of the investigations, established that the aggrieved was living in a residence located at the colony Generalisimo Morelos and after holding a discussion derived by personal problems, they assaulted the plaintiff with a” object stab and generated him various injuries that caused her death.
“Also managed to meet Omar Alexis M., and Diego de Jesús a., seized several valuables from the victim, as well as a vehicle of the Nissan brand, which were given to the leak.” Once the respective investigations were conducted, it was determined the possible relationship of the defendant in what happened, requesting the respective order of seizure, which was presented by the Court and completed by the staff of the Regional Prosecutor’s office.
“Detainees now were presented before the judge of control to be resolved his legal situation for his possible involvement in the crime of homicide”.

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