translated from Spanish: Pablo Mackenna recalled false accusation of sexual abuse and Pamela Jiles described as «the most miserable» in covering the case

in February 2013, a woman accused Pablo Mackenna of having sexually abused his daughter for nine years in the cas INO Enjoy of Viña del Mar. However, in March of the same year the Court’s guarantee of Viña del Mar decided to permanently dismiss the case against the conductor of television. The fact was remembered by the writer in the program «Get your time» of Canal 13, where Member and former celebrity journalist was invited Pamela Jiles. On the occasion, Mackenna, revealed his annoyance with the parliamentary, who criticized with stark terms the work carried out at the time.» I knew little. He had a book and when my episode at the casino, odious, was very painful. Sincerely Channel 13 behaved badly and asked me forgiveness and took the lack. I felt worldwide that said the issue, and the word is strong, but the most miserable was you. And I feel that also once it became clear it, you insististe»topped. However, Jiles denied having used a «personal vendetta» to cover the case, and insisted that he fulfilled his work as journalist. «That is a serious allegation that you should try it. At that time you called me on the phone, I said what was your opinion and I said privately something that today I feel then, with the right to speak publicly. «I ´yo what I said is always as journalist I will be forced to give both partes´ I did no trial», said. And this, he recognized that even «would it thousand times, especially when the other party is not a public face and who has to resolve this situation I am not. It was what I was me as a journalist,»he added.

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