translated from Spanish: Public Prosecutor investigates poisoning Haitian by his coworkers in San Felipe

The past October 24, J.P, initials of a Haitian worker, attended San Felipe hospital emergency product of a severe case of intoxication.
The young would have been poisoned by his coworkers, since accused them with her boss because they used his cell phone to send messages obscene to their contacts, according to said a friend of the man, who preferred to protect its name for fear to the threats to radio DNA.
According to the complaint, between blows and insults, colleagues forced him to drink a glass of milk with toxic elements, which included oil and other substances. To pass the hours, the man began to feel bad, calling his boss and his girlfriend for help.
“He speaks with the Chief and this is going to draw attention. The next day, his colleagues will and preparing a liquid that I saw. It is not milk with marijuana as described later. It is a complex thing, with chemicals, among other substances, oil. They mixed it with chocolate, something akin to the Milo. They deliberately prepared him and harassed him until he took it,”said the friend.
From the migrant action movement (MAM) condemned the fact: “call to stop these inhumane practices because it is essential that in addition to the necessary existence of public policies that prevent repeated punishments against immigrants, we are capable of taking a conscience and an education that warn about what we are capable of doing when we stop thinking of others as if we think of ourselves”.
The case is in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, once the doctor who received the immigrant in the hospital, recommend you must report.

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