translated from Spanish: Ex-wife of Alfredo Adame returns to action

Mary Paz Banquells, who was married for years with Alfredo Adame, returns to action. In little more than two decades remained remote scenarios, to devote to their children, and the decision to return to acting.
Various news portals reported that Mary Paz Banquells takes up acting because it takes work, moreover, because acting is what has always liked to do.
I already started to act;  that’s what more I always like me. «I started to alternate with my sister dew (Banquells) in ‘ Made in Mexico’, then, is a very big challenge for me.»

Mary peace, working alongside her sister is something that has a special meaning in his life. Because it is an actress that I admire very much, it is a very big challenge, my children support me and love me», told the media in the city of Mexico.
Mary Paz Banquells is sentimental family of Alfredo Adame, and was also questioned by the press to know what you think about what has happened since their separation and now everyone talks about size Adame virile member.
«I have no comment to make, I’m happy, very happy, very quiet and remaking my life, I don’t have any other comment (…) I have nothing to see in that I do not care, not interested, it is not my subject», said.

Mary Paz Banquells is the daughter of deceased actors Dina de Marco and Rafael Banquells.
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