translated from Spanish: Rosa Elena Millán, governor: popular support expands

One birthday became, this week, an expression of political sympathies on a massive level, in the race to government succession. Spontaneously, social media users turned to Rosa Elena Millán Bueno on November 29, the date of her onomastic, to extend the following days. Yesterday, the phenomenon continued.
Worthy of attention is what, without organization or prior call, Rosa Elena Millán achieves in the main popularity thermometer of our era: social networks, and, particularly in Sinaloa, Facebook.
The «feis», it should be noted, is the platform that managed to keep Millán Bueno current at a dramatic moment in his political career:
In 2014, she was «frozen», despite (or perhaps as a result of, in a country where success is not forgiven) her recent feat: she became the first woman to lead the State Congress, where she managed to build the first step of equity, by raising to the law 60-40 (60 percent of candidates for men and 40 for women in the state) , a giant step that set the tone for the 50-50 that, a year later, was established throughout the country.
In those dark times he was able to retreat, and, without falling into confrontations with anyone, he waited for his time to return to the political arena with such impetus that he won a federal council and then the state presidency of the PRI, from where he returned the government to his party, with Quirino Ordaz Coppel as standard-bearer in 2016.
Rosa Elena Millán is a force of nature, able to impose hes itself on even the most powerful attacks and emerge strengthened, with her forehead aloft. It is not the work of chance, then, that today it is among the applicants with the greatest possibility of reaching the candidacy for the Government of the State. At the same time.
THE CONTROVERSIAL SANDRA LARA. PRI deputy Sandra Yudith Lara Díaz says well: «To meet gender parity, women are left over; but competitive women, made for this political moment, we are not so many.»
We can say, with admiration, that Sandra Lara, today, does what has always characterized her: putting hard issues on the public agenda, without shying away from debate or confrontation of ideas.
Values, by the way, that your party should take into account if it aspires to win elections, because 2021 will not be easy for anyone.
Recently, invited by Dr. Emma Karina Millán Bueno, Sandra lectured at the Autonomous University of the West on an issue in which she has delved into as part of her master’s studies: the right to be forgotten. Framed in the protection of personal data, this digital right consists of the power of a citizen to request the deletion of a type of information, provided that it is not in the public interest.
Controversial theme: Sandra Lara’s specialty.
PACO VEGA: GOOD MANAGEMENT. In times of pandemic, the act of accountability recently carried out by the State Director of Civil Protection, Francisco Vega Meza, stands out in the framework of the Fourth Report of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel:
To date, Paco Vega reported, there is a 100 percent progress in meeting the goals set out in the State Development Plan on civil protection.
This includes outreach and citizen awareness actions on security and self-care measures, training of community brigadiers, collaboration agreements, coordination and safeguarding actions, attention to migrants, vehicle acquisition, the implementation of 3 thousand 856 drills with the participation of 373 thousand people and the creation of Sinaloa Alerta, mobile application of information timely to citizens. Congratulations.

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