translated from Spanish: Members of Michoacan present action of unconstitutionality before new taxes

home Michoacán Michoacán deputies presented unconstitutionality before new taxes Morelia, Michoacan.-in order to find that in the State of Michoacan not apply new taxes, approved by the plenary legislative last December in law of income for the economic package 2019, a joint effort of the Coalition Morena – PT, is achieved total signatures requ erred to present the action of unconstitutionality before the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation (SCJN).

A total of 15 sections of legislators and Michoacan legislators endorsed the action presented in time and manner established by the law; and although the procedure may take to resolve, will be searched in all the ways that the Michoacan Pocket is not shattered and that the law is not violated because in the majority of cases it is presumed that it will be. Meanwhile, intends to immediately be suspended the application of these taxes, presented action is against Executive and lawmakers who supported it.

«The deputies that we clear our duty as legislators, work hard for weeks to submit this document, we cannot allow that it trespasses the law in our State, and above all, we will not allow that State revenue is at the expense of» imposed disproportionate, unfounded and without the due fiscal certainty in their collection because of the violation of the federal Constitution in its article 73 and 115 in regard to ecotaxes, and subtraction of soil and subsoil materials collection.

In addition to the transgression of the rights councils and individuals in the storage of waste; in the same vein, the issue of notarial and registration taxes for which the standard is still in force, now play Loa Councils do the same», said the Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena on behalf of the legislators of the Coalition Morena – PT.

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