translated from Spanish: With new control and anti-corruption Commission, Deputy Ernesto Núñez proposes to strengthen the SEA

photograph / Congress of Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-to strengthen and improve the functioning of the State system of anti-corruption (be) is they require to carry out the necessary legal adjustments, for this reason, the Coordinator of the Group parliamentary of the party green ecologist of Mexico (PVEM), Ernesto Nuñez Aguilar, he has proposed to update and enhance the functions of the Audit Committee Inspector Top of Michoacán (ASM). Thus reported in a press release.
For the local legislator is paramount «continue nurturing, updating and providing tools to instances that operate the State system with anti-corruption, since this is a commitment that requires us to society», in addition it is one of the issues to promote in the legislative agenda of the fraction of the PVEM, the local Congress.
Are part of reforms poured on the table to modify the name and powers of this Commission so be who head the regulatory efforts in the anti-corruption field, currently has no express meet, analyze attribution and decide points of agreement which relate to the control regulations and initiatives and the SEA.
In such a way that the Commission inspector of the ASM will become the Committee of oversight and anti-corruption, and from that the rest of the legislative committees can issue opinions based on the report that the proprietor of the State Executive and other institutions yield workable, in order to make observations on specific budgetary aspects, related to the fulfilment of the objectives of the plans and programs of the field corresponding to the State public administration.
Also proposed that control and anti-corruption Commission delivered to the Committee on programming, budget and public account quarterly operations report and follow-up to reports of results of each year, within the thirty calendar days after that end of the quarter, so both to present it to the plenary.
«One of the achievements of the last term was the creation of reforms of various legal systems local which gave way to the State anti-corruption system, however, all that is put into practice emanates adjustments for its best performance, and today» We started with these works,»he stressed.

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