translated from Spanish: Mother spreads image of her daughter in the hospital, after suffering bullying

photography / Facebook United Kingdom.-the image of a girl of six years in the hospital after suffering bullying became viral networks then that his mother, Carrie Golledge, publish the pair to denounce and to raise awareness about what can even cause the bullying.
The incident took place in the United Kingdom. Sofia had to be hospitalized due to an anxiety attack just around the school. Once there, according to Golledge during an interview in the Dailey Mirror, came to throw 20 times in one hour, an episode that had already lived when lower had that go to school, where fellow bothered her.
«Things were so bad at the end of the quarter that Sophia pole school for a couple of weeks: was kept awake all night and vomited 20 times per hour», said the mother of six-year-old girl.
Mother became aware of her situation when Sophia began to complain of stomach pains; it gained no weight and vomited often. The first day of class after the summer holidays, Sophia returned home weeping and trembling.
Worried that will aggravate the situation, he decided to get the small and her brother from the school. Only then, «Sophia returned to gain weight and regained her health,» says Golledge.
Information: La Vanguardia

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