translated from Spanish: UDI Deputy said Government to deliver protest note to French Ambassador Palma Salamanca

Deputy and Secretary general of the UDI, Issa Kort, said that the Government will deliver a note of protest to the Ambassador of France in Chile, Roland Dubertrand, then that country decided to grant political asylum to the former front Ricardo Palma Salamanca.
The former member of the FPMR is Chile, condemned for the murder of Senator and founder of the UDI, Jaime Guzmán and escaped the prison’s high security, where serving sentence for the crime.
Kort, after meeting with the Foreign Minister (S), Carolina Valdivia, said the authority «I confirmed (Valdivia) which is going to present a note of protest, of disagreement with the decision taken by the State of France.» It should make a difference between State and Government, it is not the French Government, but it is the French State, through its office for the protection of refugees and Apatridras, which makes this decision».
The parliamentarian, also said that from the judicial point of view, will be attention to the beginning of the process of extradition of Palma Salamanca, which will begin at the hearing set for December 12. «We will pay attention to advocates having the State of Chile in France, so that they can defend the interests of the State».

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