translated from Spanish: City in China limited the presence of dogs in public places

a city of Southwest China banned walking dogs during the day, as well as its presence in parks, shopping malls, sports facilities and other space public IOS. The Ordinance issued by the city of Wenshan, Yunnan province, on October 29 has been described as the most restrictive from a nation where the ownership of a dog has been subject to strict regulations. Under the command of the founder of Communist China, Mao Zedong, having a pet was considered a bourgeois trait, but this trend was reactivated in recent decades by the increase in the purchasing power of the population and the small size of the families. Many cities, however, continue to have laws that indicate the size of the dogs who live in certain areas, and the capital, Beijing, the big dogs are prohibited in the Centre. Dog parks are something unique and almost always requires that the animals carry strap. However, the norm of Wenshan seems to go beyond determining that dogs can only go out before 07:00 o’clock and after the 22:00. regulations also points out that the straps cannot have more than one meter in length and that only dogs can take a walk with adults. Despite the popularity of having a dog, many Chinese are cautious before the presence of wild dogs or without strap. Rabies infected by Unvaccinated dogs represents an important part of the almost 2,000 deaths from the disease in China each year, according to the World Health Organization.

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