translated from Spanish: Prosecutor’s office involved accounts of Ronaldinho; It has less than six euros

home sports prosecution involved accounts of Ronaldinho; It has less than six euros photography / Internet Brazil.-the public prosecutor’s Office of Brazil intervened the bank accounts of Ronaldinho, and met with surprise that the former football player of FC Barcelona has only less than six euros.
The Government of Brazil decided to intervene the accounts of ex-footballer and his brother, Roberto Assis Moreira entrepreneur, since they failed in payment of a fine of more than EUR 2 million for environmental damage in 2015, having built illegally in an area prot aegis. To obtain your account information, the authorities discovered that you simply 24.63 real.
However, Ronaldinho traveled in recent weeks to China and Japan by advertising jobs, according to the Brazilian portal UOL. Similarly, this media pointed out that the prosecution, in order to collect the fine, intervened bank accounts, that triggered the discovery of the amount that is assumed, has.
Judge Newton Fabricio, said being in front of a “repeatedly remiss” conduct, so proceeded to withdraw the passports, both former player, like his brother.
With information from: El Financiero

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