translated from Spanish: Workers of the Banco Provincia criminally told Vidal for diverting funds

on the day of the banking, workers of the Banco Provincia criminally denounced the Governor María Eugenia Vidal by diverting funds intended to finance the deficit pension retirement of the Monetary Authority box and use them to cover current expenses of the provincial administration. He was the Secretary general of the Commission Union internal of the Banco Provincia (CGI-Bapro) Santiago Etchmendi, along with their lawyer Dr. Juan Manuel Combi, who made the judicial presentation in the federal jurisdiction «because the funds are the national State».

During a press conference given at noon in the Auditorium Eva Perón from Av. Belgrano 2527, the official provided details of the lawsuit along with his representative legal. which DENOUNCE?
«The national State sends money for retirement, but the Governor used that money at its discretion for any other purpose. Paradoxically, the retired end up financing current expenditure of the Government of Vidal», warned Etchemendi in a statement released by the Bapro.En CGI judicial submission accused the provincial President of» the possible Commission of the crimes of » embezzlement of public funds, abuse of authority and violation of duties of public officials». According to this text, Vidal signed an agreement with the executive director of ANSES, Emilio Basavilbaso, which remembered that the State would send a dollar figure to fund the pension deficit recorded in the years 2015 and 2016 retirement box.
«The CGI Bapro noted that the money was deposited in an account of the Provincial State but from there did not follow the compulsory course. On the contrary, he detected that Vidal issued a letter generated one debt of the province in this case with your own Bank, which appreciably affects its current liquidity», denuncian.EN CRISISLos workers of the Banco Provincia already have demonstrated against the law «15.008» that attacks the Bank staff retirement rights and hereby to the provincial government to sustain the social security box», but in addition, argue that the promotion of 50% of discount in supermarkets is killing its liquidity.» The Banco Provincia is not making silver. The 50% promo; is spending it When there is no liquidity in the street, we put the Bank in the last quarter to pull out 900 million pesos to buy food at half price with that big chains of supermarkets in the province to survive, not SMEs» , reported today Etchemendi.Y added: «there is a handle for the production. «And we know over all those 900 million pesos, in addition to the 2,900 million pesos that cost him the promotion to the bench in 2017, is liquid silver that banks need to operate and give credits».

complaint for diversion of funds cgi bapro

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