translated from Spanish: Returned you the box with the ashes of her daughter who had robbed

Saturday night Angelina Chanta Morsucci was the victim of a robbery in San Carlos de Mendoza. The criminals took advantage of that the House was empty for the place with tranquility. When the family returned to their home they found with missing some belongings and money. “A purse, a green bicycle took VENZO, a drill and a bit of silver”, said Angelina. But the most important thing for them was not that, but the memory of his daughter that the robbers seized him, “a chest where they were the ashes of my daughter María Luján”, said the woman on your Facebook and clarified “as they could not open it because it has key surely is the keychain” n thinking that money or jewels had”.

María Luján, one of the three daughters of Angelina Chanta Morsucci, died 6 years ago “we need that please be supportive and return it to us, it is a very valuable belonging to us that no one will be able to return it. It is a celestial nice chest, we are very saddened by that step. I just want my little ashes, please help me! “, concluded.” 
Angelina order heard in the community and on Tuesday afternoon returned it are criminals. It appeared – as if by magic – inside a ditch close to the House.” Luján returned home! I have no words to thank the solidarity of the community that helped us to viralize our desperate search. My heart is at peace”, he wrote to the woman and said:”I called a neighbor to tell me that he had found it, it came out to walk looking for him and found him”.

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