translated from Spanish: The ANMAT banned the marketing of frozen products and a beer

according to the newsletter of the national administration of drugs, foods and medical technology (ANMAT) published Tuesday, the Agency prohibited the marketing of some frozen by the presence of the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. This organism can cause – sometimes serious infections – in people young children, pregnant women, the elderly or people with low defenses. Food in question:-«Assortment of frozen vegetables, Jumbo brand», lot LPI 183 / 18, 17/05/2020 maturity, net weight 400 g, RNPA EXP N ° 2906-7592/12, developed by Nutrifrost S.A., RNE N ° 02-34268-«Supercongelada spinach, Jersey food brand Cormillot», lot LPI 183-18, 01/07/2020 maturity, weight 500 g NET, RNPA N ° 02-581458, developed by Nutrifrost S.A., RNE N ° 02-34268.Por beside the ANMAT took Admiral Donn brand sale»Based on sorghum beer»,» for lack of authorization of » «establishment and product, resulting to be consequently illegal», said the Agency. «Because they are products that cannot be identified in clear and vivid form as produced, produced or bottled in a given establishment, they may not be made on any part of the country, neither marketed nor expended in the territory of the Republic according to according to article 9 of the law 18284 «, concluded. 

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