translated from Spanish: Chile is the country that relies less on the Church, according to the Latinobarometro

Chilean society in the Church trust plummeted to an all-time low of 27% in 2018, versus 36% 2017, leaving as the country of the region less trusting in it, according to the Latinobarometro public opinion study.
This loss in trust in the Church in Chile levels is strongly influenced by the pedophilia scandals involving priests and Catholic Bishops, and which have resulted in the expulsion of emblematic religious as Cristián Precht and Fernando Karadima.
The crisis of the Chilean Catholic Church is ‘deep’, says the Latinobarómetro, to the point where that began before the pedophilia scandals, confidence in the institution was 68% in 2007.
In comparison to the rest of Latin America, the study shows that the image of the Church, considering not only the Catholic, has declined in the past five years a total of 10 percentage points from 73% in 2013 to 63% in 2018.
Comparison with the region in detail, most of the population of Chile still declaring themselves Catholic, although in the last ten years has had a strong process of secularization reaching 25 percent of Agnostics and people who claim to be without religion.
Distrust of the Church in Chile surpasses even countries such as Uruguay, where 36% of the population relies on the Church, while in El Salvador and Argentina leste figure reaches 52%.
On the other hand, the country which relies more on the Church is Paraguay with 82%. Then comes Panama with 78%, with 75%, Venezuela Honduras 74% and 73% Brazil.
In Brazil, it is recorded, it is the emergence in the last 20 years of new religious denominations that have grown significantly in the last time, that support this high percentage of trust in the Church.
Sheet applied 20.204 face to face interviews in 18 countries between June 15 and August 02, 2018, with representative samples of the population from each country, of 1,000 to 1,200 cases, with a margin of error of around 3% , by country.

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