translated from Spanish: Accused Conapred which grew discrimination towards migrants

city of Mexico.-the National Council to prevent discrimination (Conapred) warned that social media is built increasingly violent anti-immigrant discourse against the caravan of my dence.

Alexandra Haas, President of the Council, said that the speech against migrants grew by Central American caravans that cross national boundaries.

Discrimination and racism are a bird of carrion which go and feed on the corpses of the crisis and complicated situations, said taking part in the first University Colloquium on cognitive biases, discrimination and human rights.

are able to read social networking things like: ‘Mexico for Mexicans’. ‘That Central Americans that are going are not left’. ‘ Here cannot it work, in the end, things and ideas that have nothing again. 

At the Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la UNAM, the official said that anti-immigrant discourse can be combated with education, information, research and raising awareness.

we know that many of these speeches generate misinformation, propagated ideas that are false, they are prejudiced, have no real basis. 

 We have an agreement with Twitter where we support them when there are people who violate its code of conduct. Give opinions, say, techniques and know that they are also vigilant to these cases, he emphasized.

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