translated from Spanish: Are captured two accused of vandalism in Nahuatzen

home safety are captured two accused of vandalism in Nahuatzen Nahuatzen, Michoacan.-personnel of the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE), arrested two per people of the male sex, for their possible value in facts of crime that occurred on 1 November in the town of Nahuatzen.
According to records, the day in reference, public servants of the municipality of Nahuatzen, were working in the facilities of the municipal Presidency, moments in which heard detonations of firearm that came from abroad, and later hits on doors and windows of the building, a place where various objects were stolen.
This fact had knowledge the PGJE and integrated research folder corresponding that resulted in the order of arrest against José Luis J., and José Gerardo G., for his possible involvement in the crime of theft of vehicle and sabotage, same that was completed by ministerial officials.
Detainees were admitted to the Centre for Social reintegration of the region and presented before the judge of control so he resolved his legal situation.

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