translated from Spanish: Former employee of Treyarch protest his dismissal filtered information from Call of Duty Black Ops 4

during the Sunday night the user CallOfNobodyCares (or «Call of A nobody cares») turned to the popular Reddit Forum to download their anger by his (sec (a your point of view) unfair dismissal of Treyarch, study the sub-series Black Ops of Call of Duty.El sell used developer created a post Mistress («Ask Me Anything» or «Ask me what you want») inviting users to test their credibility with information on the game. Although conversation thread was deleted almost immediately, community immortalized it in tweets and postings in YouTube.El user claimed to be part of the team responsible for the popular zombies mode of Black Ops 4, and to demonstrate this Easter Egg (secrets revealed some within the levels) not yet discovered that the players soon to confirm.

with its apparently proven credibility, then spend the rest of the information. According to CallOfNobodyCares, over the coming months the game will receive the following upgrades (compiled along with the Easter Eggs by the user CadzTrikz): the first downloadable content (DLC) is a prequel to ‘Chaos’ history and will introduce four new characters.
A map Nuketown for Zombies mode is confirmed but still has no release date.
Each pack DLC will have a new map for the zombie mode.
Treyarch plan to new maps continue the story «Aether» there are plans to complete and implement a 4 against 4 in zombie mode, but there are chances that it is cancelled.
Speed glue will return in the next update (update 6). When players have equipped the four main «Vapors», it will be equipped automatically as a «steamer» bonus. You can activate or deactivate.

With 500 million dollars raised in three days, Black Ops 4 shows that Call of Duty is still a big business but not all were Easter Eggs and leaks of the future of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The former employee also revealed some dirty laundry of the development of the game and the study. Most notable include: Black Ops 4 campaign was in development until 2017. Treyarch eliminated it to make more multiplayer maps. It was designed to be a cooperative experience with competitive elements for two teams of two players.
There is a single tester [empleado que prueba el juego] assigned to play the Zombies mode from 90 surge up surge 150 in God mode (i.e. without receiving damage). He does that 12 hours per day.
Treyarch only cares when the game fails you to large streamers (players that transmit live). It doesn’t matter that the game fails you the rest.
The study did not comments regarding filtration or accusations, but surely they will be looking for this former employee to take legal action. We will see how much trouble the dismissal which, according to CallOfNobodyCares, was by changing their lunch hours. It seems that revenge is a dish that is eaten cold. In this article: Call of Duty Black Ops Activision Treyarch

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