translated from Spanish: Six new deaths: 439 coronavirus deaths in Argentina

In the morning report of the Ministry of Health reported six new deaths from the Friday night side, so they total 20 deaths in the last 24 hours in our country. The six new deaths are five men aged 82, 40, 43, 65 and 57 and a 63-year-old woman, all residing in the City of Buenos Aires. The total number of deaths since the coronavirus pandemic began in our country is 439, with a total of 10,679 positive cases reported. Of the total of 718 patients confirmed in the last 24 hours, 94% belong to the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA), as reported by Secretary Carla Vizzoti.

Continuing these numbers, he said that work will intensify to reduce transmission in the AMBA, especially the sector of people living in street situations, vulnerable neighborhoods, native communities, nursing homes, mental health institutions, since “in these places contagios is different”. Vizzotti said that on Friday President Alberto Fernández received epidemiological experts and infectologists, and “today the consensus will be finalized to give a final idea” to communicate how social isolation will continue, preventive and obligatory. The secretary noted the importance of implementing prevention measures, protocols and monitoring and monitoring compliance with these protocols in the workplace. He asked to maintain hygiene measures, not minimize symptoms, and contact health centers to rule out or confirm a diagnosis.

As we are approaching winter, he explained that “it is a variable that we have to take into account. For this purpose the Minister of Health (Ginés González García) contacted health authorities in Australia and South Africa, because the cold and low temperatures are coming and we recommend the importance of the safety measures that serve all respiratory diseases and viruses.” In Argentina, 10,649 cases of coronavirus were confirmed, with 3,530 people recovered, 6,680 patients with the ongoing infection, of whom 173 are in intensive care. The fatality rate is 4.1% of confirmed cases and the overall mortality rate is 9.6 per million inhabitants. For those confirmed, 8.9% of cases are imported, 43%are close contacts of confirmed cases, 31.1% are cases of community circulation and the rest are in epidemiological research. Yesterday, 4,615 new samples were carried out and since the outbreak began, 125,893 diagnostic tests were carried out for this disease, equivalent to 2,774 samples per million inhabitants.

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