translated from Spanish: Israel and Hamas: A new wave of violence simmers on the historic conflict

the so-called “rest” of clashes that reigned in the Gaza Strip in recent days has been again interrupted. In this case, as a result of an operation covert carried out by the Israel Army in southern Gaza and whose implications meant the death of seven Palestinians, among them a high-ranking military. did this have consequences? In the very short term, the reactivation of anti-aircraft alarms that make up the anti-missile shield known as “Iron dome” that Israel has. Similarly, in retaliation for this covert action, the Hamas group has skyrocketed almost 400 shells from the Strip. In a fierce escalation, the israeli army for its part has responded with shelling from aviation and artillery towards Palestinian positions in the region.
But, what about Hamas?
The answer will vary dramatically depending on who is asked. The truth is that Hamas is a Palestinian Islamist political organization and a militant group founded in 1987 that has waged a war against Israel, state that does not recognize. At the same time, the organization provides to the Palestinians of functional and social services developed as an alternative to the institutions of the Palestinian Authority in the territory of Gaza enclave ruled by Hamas.

Why in Gaza?
As its name implies, Gaza is a strip of territory in densely populated, ruled by Hamas, surrounded mainly by Israel and largely populated by Palestinians. He is currently under israeli blockade, as that meant blocking the flow of commercial goods, arguing from the Jewish State that Hamas could use those assets to produce weapons against Israel. Although intensity had diminished, at least so far, cutting supplies such as access to food and electricity continues deteriorating humanitarian conditions.

The main thesis of conflict resolution is the so-called “two-State solution” that would establish Palestine as an independent State in Gaza and most of the West Bank, leaving the rest of the land to Israel.No however, the differences e impossibilities of put this into practice, the upsurge in clashes means a proportional increase in the difficulties to find a joint solution to the conflict. The minor error of calculation in the escalation of violence could become a new war like the three that took place in this decade. In this note:

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