translated from Spanish: PUBG comes to PlayStation 4 with surprises of Uncharted and The Last of Us

after much waiting and more rumors PlayStation 4 users can finally jump from the airplane in the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the Korean game that popularized the gender battle royale worldwide. The announcement came Tuesday 13, part of the developer of the game, PUBG Corp. study The company confirmed that the date will be Friday December 7 next, almost a year after his arrival in Xbox One and almost two years after his debut on PC in March 2017.

This version of PS4 will come out with some exclusive extras of the Sony console, in particular several skins (character models) based on some of the most important franchises of the company. Person performing the advance purchase of any of the versions of the game use a model based on Nathan Drake (the protagonist of the Uncharted series) and inspired backpack that dresses Ellie in The Last of Us. They will also have access to an Avatar for the user and a new theme for PlayStation 4, which will be available for download from the moment of the purchase. Finally, all players can use a parachute theme of PlayStation.

Nathan Drake skin seems a little competent cosplay Edition base PUBG (known as “Edition of the plunderer”) has a cost in the PSN Store United States of 35 dollars at the Argentine store and includes up to December 7 Nathan Drake model the backpack of Ellie, the Avatar and theme. Also available are two versions of luxury. The edition of the survivor 72 dollars (although at present is on offer to $59,75) and includes, in addition to the elements of the base version, a survival pass for the new map Vikendi (which offers quests, levels and special items in the map), 2300 coins G-Coins and 20,000 BP points.
The Champion Edition is priced at $108 in Argentina ($71,27 in prelaunch offer) and contains the same as the survivor, but increases to 6000 coins G-Coins. As often happens with PlayStation Store, who have United States accounts can access much more affordable prices.

The backpack of Ellie, is on the other hand, igualita according to the head of the study, Brian Corrigan, the version that will reach PlayStation 4 will be while their counterparts in Xbox One and PC, with three maps (Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok) and the rest of the functions that the team has agr egacy this year. However, only the PlayStation 4 Pro version will offer the HDR color, according to the initial information depth option. 
“The game has been developing in PS4 since beginning of the year and we dedicate a team to make sure that this version is maintained on par with the most recent update of the other console.” – Brian Corrigan, PUBG Corp.

From Monday 12 PUBG is also available on the subscription service Game Xbox One Pass, an announcement that was held during the weekend in the framework of the XO18 event of the company. 

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