translated from Spanish: They arrested two people “allegedly related to” Hezbollah

in the midst of attacks with explosive devices failed and very close to the G20, the Security Ministry announced the arrest of two people who could be related to Hezbollah . The procedure was requested by the national court in Criminal and correctional Federal 2, Sebastian Ramos Manager and carried out by the Federal Police cyberterrorism section. 

Using a search warrant at a home in the neighborhood of Floresta, they arrested two brothers from 25 to 23 years. The research started by a complaint of DAIA, the Jewish association that received an anonymous e-mail which warned of the presence of two people with training military in the Middle East and belongs to the Lebanese group. What is Hezbollah?
It is an Islamic organization Shia that emerged at the beginning of the Decade of the 80′ in Lebanon, as a response to the israeli occupation in that country in the Middle East. Much of the Western world and some of the Gulf Arab States regard Hezbollah as a terrorist organization while it develops a constant political activity in the region. It flies the flags of Palestine defense and its historical claims for land that shares with Israel since the partition and receives financing both economic and weapons from Iran. In this note:

Original source in Spanish

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