translated from Spanish: “TARS”: the robot created by schoolchildren from La Serena and that helps autistic children

this Saturday 17th and domi NGO 18 November will be in the “innovation area” of the Mirador interactive Museum (MIM) TARS robot, created by students of the Colegio San Nicolas de La Serena, which helps children with disorder of autism spectrum (TEA) to strengthen their social skills.
Children with this condition often have a deficit in social and communicative development, making it very difficult for them to interact with people and continue educational and social protocols. However, they usually show high interest in the technology, as occurs in concrete materials and easy to understand, being more attractive and less stressful at the time of interact.

The “Roboterapia” project is aimed at children with autism between 4 to 10 years and encourages so-called “mirror neurons”, important in the development of the gesture during social interaction; through activities which invite the child to interact, first seeking your attention and fixing his gaze on him, thereby reinforcing their social skills, and subsequently following and repeating the patterns of movement that it performs, decreasing the levels of anxiety that sometimes generates the communication with other people.
Thus, “Roboterapia” power learning bases for the development of communication and social skills; and at the same time, it seeks to transform itself into a support for the work of professionals in therapeutic centers through the integration of this technology.
“We want to make visible the ingenuity and creative ideas, as well as its protagonists in our innovation space. So also, we align with the objective of the Government to deliver opportunities for talents across the country, to show their innovations with a scientific, technological and social impact,”said Dalia Haymann, Executive Director of the EIF.
The project allowed them to win the audience award in the competition “The artists”, from Foundation code, which makes visible the digital talent in the country to encourage other children to be part of the digital revolution.
Students who created “Roboterapia” and his teacher, will be presented in the “innovation area” of the EIF, institution that belongs to the network of foundations of the Presidency, this weekend at different times.

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