translated from Spanish: Wilma González’s hard response to a user who criticized it for pololear with 12 years younger young

Hispaniola Wilma González responded harshly to a user of social networks that questioned it by his relationship with a young 12 years her junior.

three days ago the actress shared an image along with his new love, whom she had met when he asked a photograph as a fan several years ago. Along with a touching message, where thanks to Nicolas for “your patience, understanding and dedication”, Gonzalez took advantage to introduce who stole his heart. However, many criticized its new bond and one of the followers he wrote: “It seems your son, you look older than him”. “Before the comments, defended the actress:”I’m 12 years older than him, age impossible to be my son, look less, because neither is a baby, not me, maybeyounger brother… and what? “, he said.” “Since think with envy, I will tell you: best looking older than your partner being a bitterugly inside and envious lifeless”, added. In addition, the model also answered a follower that asked for the relationship that was his former partner, Gonzalo Egas, with the son who have in common, Noah. “The best this life has to come to Gonzalo. Noah and he will always be together. Meanwhile, both were very inconsistent despite United, it was painful and it is healthier all as well. He deserves the best”.

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