translated from Spanish: Activists call for more protection with a coffin in front of National Palace

CDMX.- Mexican activists protested on Monday at the National Palace with a coffin to ask for greater protection against human rights defenders in the northern state of Nuevo León.” We have been discriminated against in Nuevo León and we have even disappeared an activist, they do not let us exercise our right to ask and that is why we go to other states,” José Ulises Treviño García, president of the international commission on human rights of that state, told Efe José Ulises Treviño García, president of the international commission on human rights of that state.

Along with a dozen people, the lawyer also demanded that authorities such as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, the National Commission on Human Rights and the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, protect activists because they are prone to disappearances. He exposed the case of Santiago de Jesús Ríos, who supported hundreds of families who were engaged in garbage collection with wagons that were pushed by horses, which banned the state government in October 2019, and is now missing.

Demand more protection for human rights activist/Photo: EFE

“He was with us in protests and was showing the way the government exercised violations of the human rights of many people,” he said. He said that even he himself has suffered threats of disappearance “I actually have protection measures for a year, which are useless because it is more effective to call 911.”

According to the NGO Front Line Defenders, Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for the defense of human rights and the environment. According to this NGO, in 2019 – the first full year of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the Presidency – the murder of 24 human rights defenders in the country was documented, out of a total of 304 records worldwide.

Covid-19 Botarga / Photo: EFE

They call for reactivating release processes for inmates
Treviño García said his protest was also seeking to support the country’s prisoners who, prior to the declaration of the coronavirus emergency, some of them were about to obtain their release because they had served their sentence or because they had been found not guilty.” We call for the prosecutions to be resumed because, as a result of the coronavirus, agreements were issued by the judiciary of the states and the federal power that only urgent issues will be prosecuted,” he said. However, he said, these urgent situations exclude cases of people who are unjustly detained, and those who were already in the process of obtaining their freedom.” We would be talking about a freedom of people who are thousands with whom they could also have vented the prisons a little to avoid, in case it spreads inside (the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2), the contagion of them,” he said. You can also read: Covid-19 grows silently by asymptomatic? In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, 3 CDMX mobilizations

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