Lawmakers promise AMLO to approve the Electricity Reform; will come out to explain it

The coordinator of the parliamentary group of Morena, Ignacio Mier Velazco, promised President Andrés Manuel López Obrador that the legislators of the alliance will achieve the approval of the Electric Reform, for this they will take to the streets to explain it to the citizens.
In the meeting held by the members of the Together We Will Make History coalition with the president, the deputy thanked the federal deputies for “being present with the President of Mexico.”
He took the opportunity to boast about his achievements, such as the approval of secondary laws for the revocation of the mandate and the removal of the constitutional jurisdiction of two legislators. Then, he placed special emphasis on the approval of the Revenue Law and the Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) 2022.

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Once the projects of the government in turn have been approved, the deputy assured that the next objective is the approval of the Electric Reform, proposed by López Obrador.
“We are going to transform our country and we are going to carry out the electricity reform, and we will do so with the force of reason that assists us, politically, morally, socially and above all economically.”

He also indicated that the Morena caucus, along with its allies, will target the approval of the political-electoral reform and the reform that guarantees that the National Guard be sectored to the military sector.
“In the coming days we will go out to all the federal districts, electoral, to discuss, enrich, discuss the benefits of the electricity reform in our country, to regain control of the public electric power service,” said Mier Velazco.
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In an interview after his speech, he said that the legislators will go out to convince the citizens, “we are going to mobilize throughout the country in the 300 federal electoral districts, we are going to convene, that the people know the electricity reform and its benefits.”
In this way, Ignacio Mier said, people will know why it is important for the government to have control of the public electric power service.
When asked that the citizens are not the ones who vote, but the legislators, he replied: “Yes, but we vote with the support of the people.”
He took the opportunity to invite opposition legislators to also take to the streets to explain to people why they disagree with the Reformation Electric and that they do not see it in a “sectarian way” or based on the interests of a political party.
On whether there will be changes in the reform, Mier Velazco said that it should rather be discussed. And he pointed out that both the deputies, as well as the media and the citizens should read the document: “everyone talks about the reform and nobody knows it.”
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