translated from Spanish: Increase security for friendly Chile-Honduras following assassination of Camilo Catrillanca

The police and sports authorities of Chile resolved to increase the security measures for the friendly match that next Tuesday will play selections from Chile and Honduras in the southern city of Temuco, the capital of the region of The Araucanía.
In this place of the country, where you drag for decades the so-called mapuche conflict, has intensified the tension, with arson attacks and demonstrations since last Wednesday a villager was shot dead during a police raid.
Camilo Catrillanca, aged 24, was fatally shot while he was driving a tractor in the community of Temucuicui, where he lived, and was in the middle of a firefight between an elite unit of police and thieves of cars that were pursuing.
In that context, the National Association of professional football and the authorities have pointed out that maintaining the friendly host, but will increase the measures of security for the match, to be played at 2115 hours on Tuesday (0015 GMT Wednesday) at the stadium Germán Becker of Temuco, accommodating up to 17,000 people.
«We will travel to Temuco with a number of greater security of which we normally use. We are always four security officers of the ANFP which we are going to matches, but this time we will be six», Gustavo Navarrete, head of security of the Agency told the local press.
He added that in parallel, police has taken all the necessary measures so that the day is hassle-free».
In addition to the police there will be 170 private guards at the stadium, said part Edmundo Basualto, that will be the maximum responsible of the security on the day.
Basualto said that usually violent incidents occur outside the urban radio, although since the death of Catrillanca city has been scene of violent protests by students and other groups, who have clashed with police in clashes that have left millionaires damage to public property of Temuco.
«It will increase security for that day. For problems that are occurring, all necessary steps will be taken so that the development of the party is normal», remarked Basualto, which clarified that for safety reasons, no notification will be how many policemen will be deployed in the stadium and its surroundings.
In football terms, the selection of Chile has received harsh criticism after losing 2-3 to his counterpart in Costa Rica in a friendly disputed overnight on Friday in the city of Rancagua, where Central American Assembly ended up having an advantage of 3-0 over the Ro HA that the Colombian Reinaldo Rueda directs.
According to the sports media, Chile was a messy and even chaotic, team with defensive failures huge, without creative ideas in the midfield and front isolated on the first line.

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