translated from Spanish: Mass farewell Camilo Catrillanca mapuche community of Temucuicui

A crowd of Mapuche people from various communities in various regions of Chile dismissed today the remains of the comunero Camilo Catrillanca, dead of a shot last Wednesday during a police raid in La Araucanía.
Catrillanca, 24 years old, was buried in an Indian cemetery to the inside of the same community of Temucuicui, in which found the death in circumstances still not cleared up, in the middle of an operation by the jungle command of Carabineros.
The young man driving a tractor accompanied by an adolescent of 15 years when he encountered a firefight between members of this elite corps of police with training in Colombia and strangers who were fleeing after having allegedly stolen three cars in one nearby town.
The body of Catrillanca, whose death has heightened the so-called mapuche conflict, with a wave of arson attacks, protests and clashes between demonstrators and police, was blurred in your House, from was taken to the cemetery in a courtship in which the coffin was flanked by horsemen dressed in traditional style.
Prior to the funeral, and to about 3,000 attendees, a long funeral ceremony was held in charge of machis, who led prayers for good transit of the deceased into the spirit world, accompanied by litanies, songs and traditional dances.
Courtship toured on foot about two kilometers to the cemetery, without police presence, though on the outskirts of the community, about 570 kilometers south of Santiago, was observed a strong contingent of police and armoured vehicles.
Also deployed patrols in each bridge and random identity checks to those circulating in the area.
Ceremonies unfolded calmly, although in an atmosphere of tension. «There are suppressed anger,» he told reporters Jorge Huenchullán, ‘werken’ (spokesman) community of Temucuicui.

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