translated from Spanish: AMLO prohibits officials live with suppliers

city of Mexico.-during the new administration, officials of the secretariats of finance, communications and energy will be forbidden to attend gatherings with suppliers, investors «and large contributors, warned President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.» Officials of finance, communications, energy and other agencies may not live together in celebrations, meals, sports games, or travel with contractors, with large taxpayers, suppliers of the Government or investors linked to the public function», said during his speech at the socket after taking over as constitutional President. Lopez Obrador recited a code of ethics and austerity that must be observed with all officials during his six-year term.

He cited that no official may use for particular purposes human resources assigned to their units; nor may close streets, stopping traffic, move high or parking in prohibited places. He noted that no official will have at your disposal elements for surveillance, except those related to sector security. He added that only Secretaries and undersecretaries will have driver support, and only the legal and extended Cabinet holders will have particular Assistant. Three advisors may only be per unit, he stressed. He said that the bureaucrats should treat with respect to citizens and dispatch their applications. He said they will not buy new vehicles and computer equipment, and luxuriously for government offices will not be purchased. No private health care or exclusive savings for senior officials, it settled. He said that items of clothing and ceremonial protocol expenses dedicated to the President, associates or family members removed. On the other hand, the President said that there will be a reform for the carrying of weapons of exclusive use of the army to become a felony no bail. Information reform.

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