translated from Spanish: Successful decision to federalize payroll of the education sector in Michoacan: Salvador Arvizu

Morelia, Michoacan.-the local Deputy of the District 16, Salvador Arvizu Cisneros, acknowledged the decision to make the roster of the education sector of Michoacan and that will be the Federation which is responsible for the appeal of the masters of the entity.
Arvízu Cisneros agrees with the initiative of the head of the State Executive in federalize the payroll and, also, asked to review the payroll of the health sector which also presents various arrears in payments of the fortnight of the workers.
The Deputy local PT pointed out that you we need clarification of various points of where was the resource which in past years has been tagged public education of Michoacán.
“I would like to express to the Executive of the State has taken a difficult, but necessary decision to secede from the national agreement for the modernization of basic education, cannot continue borrowing the State;” There must be transparency on what has been achieved’, explained Deputy.
Also, parliamentarian added that it is also necessary to check the squares and the resource that has been granted to the teachers unions, there is also there, severe acts that do not comply with transparency.
“Is should be explained to the head of the Executive and his Secretary of education the destination of the resources handed over the Union and Coordinator, delivered to both places. And, he claimed, examining what is already an open secret, double and even triple squares delivered”said the PT.
Arvízu Cisneros said is in favour of creating an agreement that actually fold the backlog which is maintained with sections of Michoacan, since he, focus its legislative work on the well-being of citizens.
“I agree with what has been done by the Governor Silvano Aureoles rabbit, but before, the Michoacan demand transparency in what was already done” ended the local Deputy.
Source: Monitor Expresso

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