translated from Spanish: The “concern” of the Francis Pope by homosexuals in the clergy

Father Francisco has said that homosexuality in the clergy is a “serious matter” which “is concerned”.
The leader of the Catholic Church made these comments during a series of interviews conceded to a missionary priest Spanish called Fernando Prado, as part of a book about religious vocations currently in preparation.
What are the two “battles” facing the Pope Francisco in the midst of one of the biggest crises of the modern Catholic Church in conversation the Pope also described homosexuality as “unamoda” and urged the clergy to take account of their vows of celibacy.
The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published excerpts of the interviews on its web site this weekend. In it the Pope also says that the Church has to be “demanding” to choose the candidates for the priesthood.
A “very serious” matter “the question of homosexuality is very serious,” said the Pontiff, and added that those responsible for training the priests must ensure that candidates are “mature humanitarian and emotionally” before being ordained.
“For this reason, the Church urges people with this arraigadano tendency to be accepted in the Ministry or consecrated life”.
This also applies to women who have intentions of becoming nuns.
The comments by the Pontiff reiterated statements of the Vatican on the selection of candidates for religious life.
“The imagenGETTY IMAGESImage copyright captionLas interviews were developed in mid-August.” In our societies, even it seems that homosexuality is in fashion. And this mentality, in some way, also influences the life of the Church”, went on to say.
The leader of the Catholic Church said that “there is no place for this” in the life of priests and nuns.
In 2013, the Francisco Pope reaffirmed the position of the Roman Catholic Church that homosexual acts are sinful but homosexual orientation do not.
“If a person is gay and seeks God and good will, who am I to judge?”, said.
“The strength of the vocation”, as it is entitled the book of father Fernando Prado, is based on four hours of interviews with the Pontiff about the challenges of being a member of the clergy.
The volume will be published in mid-December.

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