translated from Spanish: Accuser of the Pope now accuses his brother

Vatican City-the retired apostolic nuncio that shook the Holy see with accusations of a cover-up of sexual abuse now offers his version of the story in another scandal: a family fight around a billion-dollar inheritance. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganó is trying to explain an Italian Court ruling that requires to be paid 1.8 million euros to his brother also priest. Court ruling appeared on the front pages since Vigano, an attitude without precedents, urged the Pope Francisco to resign by a known, according to him, not face sexual abuses by priests.  Vigano said in a statement on Monday that his brother had asked for 40 million euros of their shared heritage, but a series of 10 civil, criminal and administrative cases had failed against. Viganò accused his brother of subjecting it to a “judicial siege and a real campaign of defamation in the press”.  Long time Viganò is presented as a champion of transparency and a paradigm of righteousness in a sea of corruption in the Catholic Church.  

Accuser of the Pope now accuses his own brother. Photo: EFE the statement released by lawyers for the ones written in the same tone, says Viganò deeply loves his brother and won’t appeal the Court’s decision although it considers it “wrong and unfair” and in any case I had assigned most of its heren CIA to charity.  Viganò provoked a huge tremor in 2012 when he begged Pope Benedicto XVI not you transferred the administration of the Vatican, which he considered a retaliation for his efforts to combat corruption. According to letters that were leaked in that moment, Vigano added that it should remain in Rome to care for his sick brother fight it by inheritance even if that brother was living in Chicago at the time.  

Benedict XVI transferred Viganò, whom he named Ambassador to the United States. From there, Vigano said that he sent many memos to his superiors in Rome about allegations that the now excardenal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop retired from Washington, had sexually abused seminarians.  Viganò revealed such complaints in its explosive charge posted in August that Vatican officials were aware of the allegations against McCarrick since 2000, but closed their eyes until finally sanctioned it Benedicto XVI. Viganò accused Francisco rehabilitate McCarrick in 2013 and urged him to resign.  Francisco has not responded, although he indirectly alluded to Vigano as the devil and has authorized an investigation limited in the Vatican archives from McCarrick scandal. It renounced the cardinalship in July when an investigation found credible accusation had overused a teenager.   

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