translated from Spanish: Emilia Attias gave the present in the unemployment of women: «No more impunity»

once more tens of people raised their fists against gender-based violence, and the failure who received the femicide of Lucía Pérez. Wednesday, December 5 he summoned various groups, citizens, workers tired of impunity and contempt for women in a strike.

Emilia Attias was one of them. Not remained alien to the social claim but it was amidst feminist, with women, with those who suffer, who are fed up and repudiate sentences such as was the case of Lucía Pérez.Vestida in black with sunglasses and her hair so it the actress, who went by his sister-in-law and for all the victims was present. «By Lucia. By Leila. For all. No more impunity», it thus expressed in their own words through your official account of Instagram.

Emilia Attias calls for justice by Leila Sibara and for all | Photo: @emilia_att Cabe Instagram remember that last week, precisely on Wednesday, November 28, Leila Sibara – sister of the Turkish Naim – was killed shot in the head. He was 27 years old. By crime stopped a mechanic of Lomas de Zamora, who had two guns without registering her partner, Luis Alberto Villalba, and drugs in his home. Emilia Attias was not the only one on the other hand, the actress Pilar Gamboa also decided to express themselves in a day of struggle and pain. Although it could not be present in the unemployment of women, this did not prevent him demonstrate and raise their voice for those that are not.

Coworkers against violence against women | Photo: Instagram @pilargamboaa «we could not go to the square, but the heart of us today is there and more that we never claim justice by Lucia.» HE WAS A FEMICIDE. Justice is sexist, but I assure you the memory that does not. Thanks to all my co-workers beautiful», mentioned. Through a series of images he showed how were actresses – including Julieta Nahir Calvo, Gimena Accardi, Flor Vigna and María Onetto – workers of «my brother is a clone».

Coworkers against violence against women | Photo: Instagram @pilargamboaa coworkers against violence against women | Photo: Instagram @pilargamboaa coworkers against violence against women | Photo: Instagram @pilargamboaa this note: Emilia Attias Pilar Gamboa

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