translated from Spanish: Pacheco hospital fire: boarding officers and staff evacuated

The serious accident was recorded in the afternoon in the vicinity of the Pacheco clinic, where evacuation protocols had to be carried out for all those present in the building, including inpatients and health personnel. So far, no casualties or injuries were reported. According to those present, it all began with a fire in the delivery room of the Villegas de Martínez Provincial Hospital, when the members of the same alerted the beginning of the flames. Given this, there was no hesitation in emptying the building and after it a count was made without absence of staff or patients.

In order to stop the advance of the flames, three crews of Tigre Firefighters were present and were able to contain it. After the organized situation, the doctors began to contact and locate the patients of the inpatients to update the state of health and bring peace of mind. Only material damage was reported in the place, while in the investigation of the fact intervenes the local prosecutor’s office of General Pacheco seeking to determine the causes that generated the sinistro and took tempor for a couple of minutes to all those present in the provincial clinic.

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