Pope Francis: “I come from a macho people”

After his visit to Bahrain, Pope Francis held a conversation with journalists in which the main topic of reflection was the situation of women’s rights and assured that “Argentines are machistas.” According to Vatican News, the Supreme Pontiff pointed out the rights of women on the flight back to his residence. “The struggle for women’s rights is an ongoing struggle. Because in some places women come to have equality with men. But in other places it is not achieved,” he said then. In that sense, the pope stressed the importance of creating “opportunities” to get ahead and maintained that “a society that cancels women from public life is a society that is impoverished.” Regarding the current consciousness that exists in the world, Francis explained that “we still have a way to go. Because there is this machismo. I come from a macho people. We Argentines are macho, always.” He also added that “this machismo kills humanity” and asked that “we fight not only for rights, but because we need women in society to help us change.”

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