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release former Vice President of the nation Amadou Boudou, sentenced to 5 years and 10 months in prison as part of the cause Ciccone, this Monday, December 10 requested his release. The order of defence, Alejandro Rúa and Graciana Peñafort, relies on judge Ariel Lijo issued resolution on Friday 7th in which justified the decision not to issue preventive prison for the former head of the AFIP Ricardo Echegaray , the former head of the House of the currency Katya Daura, the banker Jorge Brito, etc; in the same case.

According to play portal Infobae, presented written can be read the following arguments: “currently I do not note how could hinder the investigation (…), at this point, I understand that all relevant measures have been developed “and leading to the clarification of the fact under investigation, in such a way that the accused not could develop, in this instance, any behavior that compromise the success of the investigation”. That was the criterion with which the magistrate issued prosecutions of Echegaray and Brito, among others, but without remand. In this sense, the defense said that “Apart from the way in which is then fixed the legal qualification of the facts, responsibility attributed to our assisted in the judgment of the case, worth defined in this first instance, the reasons that then esgrimieran to stop him and the resources that rose up against them and are pending definitive response, is now reviewing the situation and the reasons for the caution, in order of the reviewed supervening circumstances, “to release our assisted in terms of the here requested”.

The defense of Amado Boudou requested his release based on a story by judge Ariel Lijo the writing continues to ensure that Boudou “was always right, has roots, did not err in rebellions, did not try to evade, witnessed the whole of the debate, even the reading of a verdict that had been preceded by the possibility, then realized, of is to arrange their immediate arrest at the request of one of the accusing parties”. Given the possibility of make place to order, Rua and Peñafort pointed out that “to replace” the prison “could have least prejudicial measures” as “the placement of a device of monitoring GPS, with a radius of 100 kilometers from their place of resi” dencia; retention of passport and ban issuing new his name; the presentation to the Court’s weekly podiums; prohibition on departure from the country and leave his domicile without permission of the Court for more than 24 hours, in the terms of article 310 of the CPP, as well as the imposition of a real bond that is consistent and proportional with their level of life and pa composition trimonial”. In this note:

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