translated from Spanish: Amalia Granata: “going to war to a person that justice not determined if he is guilty”

group of actresses Argentinas convened a press conference, which will take place at 7 p.m. in the Multiteatro, to publicly denounce a po actor r harassment and sexual abuse. The Organization, comprised of more than 400 actresses, announced the news from a press release that was published on social networks. In this context, the journalist Amalia Granata conducted his defence in the program “Pamela to la Tarde”, issued in America, in which he noted against the feminist collective. The word of Granata “There is something that makes me noise”, began his statement, and then added: “Going to war to a person that justice not determined if he is guilty”. At the same time, he argued: “I think very important to first be the complaint and justice to resolve, because war to someone we do not know whether or not he is guilty. It is the only thing that makes me noise”. How is this situation reflected in justice?
According to said the lawyer Sabrina Cartabia, in dialogue with Filo.News, making a complaint already has social importance, and while the talk is just a “symbolic” Act, the victims are not required to report, since “crimes of sexual violence in our country depend on private instance”.” Making a complaint is a right, not an obligation. “On the other hand, there is the right to freedom of expression, who have gone through a deed of those features can talk about what has happened”, said. How long to take a complaint to be processed by the justice? “It depends on the type of process, the type of test you need to collect, it is up to the judiciary; for example in the province of Buenos Aires unfortunately a DNA test is delayed a year”, said the lawyer. Even so, he said that there is a “structural failure” of the judiciary when it comes to judging this kind of situation, since a “gender perspective” is missing to obtain evidence in the case of sexual violence. In this note: Amalia Granata actresses Argentinas

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