translated from Spanish: Juan Román Riquelme after the end: «Boca lost because he advocated evil»

the defeat against River by the Copa Libertadores sowed confusion within the world of mouth. Angelici, on the one hand, informed a press conference and then decided to cancel it 30 minutes from the start, and the continuity of William is the other point which remains pending in mouth and which has in vilo to the fans. Now, Juan Román Riquelme appeared on Fox Sports to talk about what happened at the Santiago Bernabeu and provided its opinion after the defeat of Boca in the final of the Copa Libertadores, the second in a row, but this time against the eternal rival. The word of Juan Román Riquelme «it’s not nice to lose, but is a sport and we must look forward. It is a pity that we could not win it, we were very excited.»» Boca lost because he defended badly. If a final 4 or 5 goals make you it means you lost badly. It is difficult to win a final as well, it is too much and mouth also has scored many goals. A pity because it was always later in the bookmark».» If Boca played this game different, if it was different, if our coach was planted in another manner and the result was to end up losing out there we said that did not respect it always made. «» Mouth has played the same Cup: nothing spectacular team but making goals «.» I am a fan of my club. I am 40 years old and I am a lucky. From the year 2000 until today, I had the chance to see my team seven times in the final, that’s be lucky. I am grateful to all these years that the club gave us joy. I am grateful to the team, the coach and the leaders who took us to the final. We did things well, the only party that can be lost is the final».» This time no we had to win. You have to be concerned if we lose in the first round, in the second round. We must get to the final and now we are going to win. The players have competed in the best way». «Not think that won us Guardiola, not us shit to dance. It was very even, this first time, Boca won and our goalkeeper not pulled out a ball. The party was going to penalties if it was not the expulsion of neighborhoods. Don’t sell me that the other team was a marvel»»Nacho Fernández is a superior category. The move that made for the tie is a top player,»»they must be very happy, but with all the respect that they deserve, that the same is not play a hand for the Libertadores to a hand by hand to descend. It’s hard to comment because we have never had to get to that situation. «» I hope we never touch «.» It is difficult to reach the final of the Copa Libertadores. We come to the end and mouth has come deservedly proud of us represented in that way. I’m happy to be a fan of my club.»» It is not easy to be a coach. I think that outside is you can say much, but he had an obligation to win the Cup and the pressure was great. Losing with Independiente del Valle hurt me more than this».» The River’s Gallardo is a good team. Just win the Cup, you have to congratulate him. «» We must recognize the coach who for years many footballers have sold you and has it been handled very well and has followed racing the most «.» If Boca and River compete for the Argentine tournament, they will win. Is not the pole to win the torneo argentino and they have an obligation to win the Copa Libertadores.»» There is no doubt that Gallardo was transformed into a very important trainer for their club, but we had the luck to have the largest ever (Carlos Bianchi) Argentine engineer. No you can compare with anyone and we were lucky to have him at our club.» In this note:

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