translated from Spanish: Judge orders woman to return everything your ex spent in it

Spain.-a judge ordered a woman to return to her ex-boyfriend payments which he performed during the period of the relationship. This case occurred in Andalusia, Spain, and according to local media the man made payments of some shopping of his ex-girlfriend and sent to fix one of its properties. According to the man, she had promised him that he would return the money, but once the relationship ended she denied the agreement. 

After finishing their relationship man decided to sue his family by not give back the money that lent him. Photo Ilustrativa/Pixabay dissatisfied, it decided to sue her and asked the judge to recover $3.2000 euros you spent during the relationship. In the absence of invoices that check costs, a court determined that the only test that showed the agreement on the return of the money were the conversations that the couple had for WhatsApp. 

The judge used the conversation of WhatsApp to reach a verdict. Photo illustrative/Pixabay during the review of these talks, the judge confirmed the agreement through messages and ordered the woman to her ex-boyfriend to pay the amount of $2,000 euros. With information from Europa Press in this note:

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